Thermal Inkjet Printer | Norwix & Array Graphics

Norwix Inc is the leading producer of Drop-On-Demand OEM inkjet solutions for high-speed applications.
Technologies and the product is specialized to integrate into third party equipment such as European postal addressing, graphics and packaging industries. All systems built on Hewlett-Packard's proven inkjet technology.

Advantages of TIJ technology

- High speeds - up to 500fpm/152m/min
- Incredible print resolutions - up to 600dpi high-resolution writing.
- Clean and simple - no leaks or handling of running ink and/or other liquids.
- Easy to use.
- No maintenance.
- Easy to integrate into existing production lines and equipment.
- Well suited for crosshead applications.
- Lifetime warranty.

-All products, from cables to printheads and control panels come with a lifetime warranty.
-A warranty reliable for life.
-If a warranty failure occurs, the product is replaced at no additional cost whether it is after one year, 10 years or any time during the life of the product series.

PC22 - 4 x 22 mm up to speed 730 m/min

Super Wide Format ISP - 600 to 1200 mm

Super Wide Format ISP - 600 to 1200 mm

Available in 4 to 20 lanes, and designed to integrate into 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm and 1200 film widths

Wide format MPP - 50 to 200 mm

For applications that require extra wide formats, the Norwix MPP is a simple and reliable solution. Available in 2", 4" and 8" variants, it can be used in most industrial labeling, graphics, postal addressing and packaging.
All electronics and cables are protected internally in the printer resulting in a clean, neat and well-fitted installation to your equipment. Encoders, photocells, controller interfaces and accessories plug in with industry standard M12 connectors for durability and flexibility.
The red anodized housing is made of heavy gauge 1/2" aluminum to enable it to be utilized in almost any installation environment and comes with multiple mounting locations to facilitate easy integration.
HIGH QUALITY, HIGH SPEED. The Norwix MPP supports up to 600dpi at speeds that meet your business' speed requirements.
EASY TO USE, EASY TO INTEGRATE. With its customizable and small footprint, the Norwix MPP is easy to install and integrate into almost any equipment. The standardized solutions require only 4 cables to plug in - sensor, encoder, power supply and Ethernet directly into the user interface. It doesn't get any easier.

Uno plus - 12.7 to 50.8 mm

15" Industrial Touchscreen

1 to 4 individual printheads - each 12.7 mm.