About Inkit AB



History of Inkit AB.

Per Nilsson started in 1992 as a chemical engineer at a well-known Swedish brand company, but in 2009 he started Inkit AB with the vision to change the ingrained culture and tradition in the industry.

Our goal is to modernize and simplify labelling for our customers.

We want to offer the right technologies and services for the right purpose - at the right price.

2012 Swedish government ( VINNOVA) help financially with hardware project.
2013 Inkit AB patents Gravity Ink System's first patent in Sweden, 2015 in America and 2016 in Europe.


Today, we proudly offer a broad product portfolio of high quality printers and inks, both as a distributor for some of the world's largest industrial brands and as a development company.
We offer our knowledge and services for all industries, from the simplest printer installations to large OEM and collaborative projects.
On the journey, we have gathered many knowledgeable and experienced partners, but are reaching across the world to find even more. If you are interested in our products - as an end customer, distributor or other partner.
Inkit AB always has new projects to re-evaluate and improve the industry.

The future

In the future, it will be less remarkable to notice. Much will change, but Inkit AB will continue to be a local Gothenburg company that plays all over the world.