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Spraynozzle Ida & SingleDot Pia

SingleDot Pia

A big printer in a small format.

SingleDot Pia

- Reliable - versatile - integratable marking with precision.

- A real workhorse for marking with dots, lines or patterns.
- SingleDot Pia solves all text-free marking even in the toughest industrial environments.

Examples of applications:

- Error markings in production line (ok, not ok).
- Length marking.
- Sorting.
- Dot/line marking for nails and cutting lines.
- Quality grading in a wide range of colors.
- Identification.
- Dosing.
- Inkjet pen.

Easy to integrate, install and use.

Pia SingleDot's small print head, control panel, flexible accessories and profiles make it easy to install and integrate almost anywhere.
The control panel easily communicates with overall systems and accepts most industrial communication languages. PNP/NPN, Encoder, analog signals and more.

Powerful software

The simple, yet powerful software is optimized for writing dots, lines, continuous lines, various patterns, dosing of liquids. Easily plugged in via USB.
Also supports auxiliary functions/troubleshooting such as reading conveyer/production line speed.
Extremely durable with virtually no service requirements.

Extremely low maintenance - Long life DOD technology

Pia's unique piston and flow design has no corners or dead-end cavities, preventing the risk of ink residue and clumps that might otherwise be trapped inside the print head.
With its IP65 rating, it can withstand the external stresses of the harshest industrial environments.

Inkit's philosophy for the SingleDot Pia is to never see the print head in our workshop again after we have sent it to the customer.
It is designed to be almost, or completely, maintenance free.
The simple design and durable materials also allow the customer to perform on-site service, should it be needed.


Graphics by SingleDot Pia

Spraynozzle Ida

Example applications
  • Ok/Not ok product marking
  • Quality grade with different ink colorsIdentification
  • Identification
  • Contrast primer for visible barcoding