Inkjet markers | Valve jet

Spraynozzle Ida & SingleDot Pia

SingleDot Pia

A big printer in a small format

Reliable – Versatile – Easy integrable – Precise 

  • A workhorse for dot, line and pattern marking
  • SingleDot Pia should be able to take all “non text coding” jobs in any environment

Example on applications

  • Ok/Not ok product marking
  • Length marking
  • Dots and lines for cutting/nail marks
  • Quality grade with different ink colors
  • Identification
  • Dosing
  • Inkjet pencil

Easy to integrate, operate and set up

The small format of the print head, controller and the flexible bracket accessories makes the installation easy to install and set up  almost anywhere

The controller is as well easy to integrate to the factory’s electrical interface due to the acceptance of most of the signals and peripherals that are used in the industry, PNP/NPN, Encoders, analog signals and like.

Powerful software

The powerful  software is dedicated to marker applications such as dot, dotted line, continous line, miscellanous pattern and dosing of a liquid. It  is setup via an USB interface and then controlled by the signals connected to the controller.

It further support  flush operations and help features such as an interface for installation and trouble shooting  where on can detect conveyer speeds and connected peripherals.

Extremely low maintenance - Long life DOD technology

Due to the unique plunger pulling technology, thru valve flow which prevents the build of deposits, and the high protection from the external environment (IP 65) the foundation is set to long and trouble-free use.

Our philosophy is; when we have sent out the products – we do not expect it back for service or repair.

SingleDot Pia is made to be almost maintenance-free.

The uncomplicated design makes it possible for the customer to make if needed,  the service themselfes onsite.

Graphics by SingleDot Pia

Spraynozzle Ida

Example applications
  • Ok/Not ok product marking
  • Quality grade with different ink colorsIdentification
  • Identification
  • Contrast primer for visible barcoding